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What is Metaverse (Facebook) technology?

The interior design of an apartment (virtual reality)

I will try to make you understand metaverse in simple words. you may have listened to the metaverse before somewhere or you may have seen the word Meta on WhatsApp instead of Facebook. Actually, Facebook has changed its company name from Facebook to Meta. This may have made you curious about the word Meta. if it’s true then you are indeed in right place.

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Why Facebook has changed his name to Meta:

The simple answer is that Mark Zuckerberg believes that Metaverse technology is the future. It is also a stunt to gain audience attention to the metaverse. Billions of people are using Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp so it is the best way to tell people about metaverse. Many people first noticed the word Meta on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. Maybe you are one of them too. Facebook wants to make people know about Metaverse because they have committed to making a Metaverse.

What exactly is Metaverse? Definition:

A 3D world where everyone can communicate with each other. Users have their Avatar. It’s like a 3D universe as the word metaverse has come from two words Meta and Universe. Meta is a Greek word meaning After or Beyond.

The Word Metaverse is first used in the novel 1992 Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. The book describes the metaverse as a virtual reality where every action has its direct impact on the real world.

However, in the technology world Metaverse is refer to a technology that is a virtual world that can be experienced by unlimited numbers of users synchronously with the continuity of Data. Metaverse is an interoperable network and is massively scaled.

Let’s put it more simply. if you have ever played a game there are maps in games and characters too. Now think by wearing augmented reality headsets you are inside a game world where you can interact digitally with your friends. and can buy things and those things will be your property in the virtual world.

Think you can join your business meeting from home by wearing an augmented reality glass and you can even buy goods and those goods will be delivered to your home.

Think a person is really far away from you but you can meet him digitally and feel like he is with you. you can meet anyone digitally at any place. and can talk to him and even play games with him.

You can get into this world by use of any VR headset or maybe there will be a new wearable gadget built especially for this purpose.

Does Metaverse really exist:

Some of its components really exist in internet-enabled video games. some statements state that Minecraft and Roblox represent an advanced analog of Metaverse. you can include Active worlds, The- Palace, and Fortnite in the list too.

A Man Wearing VR Headset

The very first Metaverse in history is “Second Life”. this platform allows its users to create Avatar. Users can interact with places, objects, and other Avatars. Users can trade services and digital properties. the platform second life even has its own currency named Linden Dollar and not only that it is exchangeable with real-world currency.

Metaverse and Facebook:

Facebook Launched a social VR world in 2019 known as the Facebook horizon. Facebook changed its company name to Meta platforms in 2021 and committed to developing a metaverse. But I do not think that it will be an easy task for even Facebook because there will security issues like sexual harassment cases.

Meta launched an investigation after a woman said she was groped by a stranger in the metaverse

Is only Facebook interested in Metaverse:

Microsoft is also badly interested in metaverse technology. In 2017 Microsoft acquired AltspaceVR company and from then it has been implementing metaverse features like Avatar and in Microsoft Teams meetings held in virtual reality.

Impact of Metaverse on Technology:

Metaverse is an extension of existing Internet technologies. Smartphones and computers will be potential access points for metaverse including augmented, mixed, and virtual reality technologies.

VR companies like Oculus of Facebook now Meta business may increase. I think that people will play more games in virtual reality than in the real world. the meeting will be held using Metaverse. I guess it will have a great impact on e-commerce. think going to a shop in virtual reality and finding goods like in real and the goods get delivered into your real home. isn’t that sound good.

Hurdles in the way of Metaverse:

Metaverse sounds really good but it is not an easy task to implement quickly on a large scale as there will be graphic issues everyone does not have a device supportive for very good graphics. the major issue is cost which is preventing the wide-scale adaption of the technology.


Metaverse is a virtual world where we can interact with each other and can have an Avatar. Users can socialize in Metaverse. Facebook and Microsoft both are interested in Metaverse technology. it is an extension to existing internet technologies but the implementation of this technology to a wide range is not easy because of the cost factor and other small issues.

I hope you have learned something new from this article. if you look any mistake please tell us. what do you think about the future of Metaverse?



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