Skills to learn in free time at home

Learn to code:

When I am saying learn to code I mean with all this stuff

  • Web development
  • app development and a lot more

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing includes all these types of marketings

  • video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization and a lot more

Graphic designing:

Brands logos, ads banners, website designs, and a lot more includes in this skill. I think with the increase of companies and their websites and with the need for their ads, Graphic designers are also in demand.

Content writing:

Yeah, after learning content writing you can work as a freelancer, start your own blog, Write on websites like Medium, and also can do a job. Companies need content writers to update their blogs and also they need them to create content for their social media accounts. As a content writer, you can also write ads and a lot more stuff. You can find tutorials and articles on becoming a content writer online.

Video Editing:

Video editing is a high-demand skill. As a video editor, you can become a freelancer, and can do a job as well. Creating video ads can be your responsibility and it’s not just that there are much more jobs in this skill.


Learning new skills on daily basis is a good thing that keeps you increasing your knowledge. Some of the skills to learn online Are already mentioned above in this article and these skills are highly in demand. YOu can find video tutorials for these skills on youtube and a number of articles on different websites as well. Stay tuned and keep Learning.



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