Start a Bakery Business from Home as a Housewife

Hello! How are you doing? Are you a Housewife who is looking for starting a business and wanna know how to start it? then I don't think this article will not be worth reading once.

To Start a Bakery from home doesn't mean you are going to open your house for strangers to come in and look for items to buy. Of course privacy also matters doesn't it? then how?

what you need to do is to work at order, Yes, work at order Customers will give you an order and you will then bake for them and deliver their item to them or rather they will come to you to get it.

Follow the steps I am mentioning here and please remember that it may take time to get your first order of course if it happens it will be a natural thing because you are going to be a newbie in this business.

Learning to Bake:

If you do not know how to bake bakery items then the very first step you need to follow is to start learning it. Even if you know how to bake a cake or cookies start learning new baking new items and especially focus on those items which are not available in your city’s local market.

You can learn from Youtube videos and from Foods blogs online. It will be a difficult task because maybe you won't gonna have someone to mentor you but the more you practice the more you learn and the more you get experienced in the field.

Learning new rare bakery items is not necessary for the start but maybe surprisingly brought positive effect on your business. So, I guess it's a good choice.

Rates Profit/Loss:

As a newbie, you will not be having the idea of a profit/loss system. For example how much do you spend to bake a 1 pond cake and how much profit is enough for you? How much your local bakery is charging for 2 pond cakes?

You should write your all expenses including small ones. If you went shopping by taxi for raw materials you should need to include rent of the taxi too. Yes, I am damn serious. include all of the expenses and add them all and make calculations to look that how much it takes to bake different items.

How much your rates should be?

Of course, you are new to the market then who will buy from you if you are expensive than any famous old local bakery or even if you are charging the same I don't think a guy like me will bother to buy.

Check the market rate for items and sell them cheaper than that. If your quality will better than the market then you will gain customers. If you provide quality then the customer's first priority for events will gonna be you.

There is a lady in my city who does this job and bakes at order from home. I don't know much about her. Once my brother told me about her that her rate is lower than the market and her baked cakes are good too.

So, you see if you will serve quality cheaper than customers will be your free advertising. Isn't that great?

How people will know about your business?

From the very start make use of social media platforms. While learning the dishes you bake make share to take their photos and upload them on social media. Create a Whatsapp group and ask your friends, relatives to join the group and share the link of the group.

After sharing posts on social media ask your family, friends, and relatives to share your posts on their timeline. As I mentioned earlier it may take time for getting your first order but maybe your second order depends on your service and quality.

You can also boost your Facebook posts if you can afford but remember to target your city.


You can sell bakery items on order. To enter the market competition you need to learn and bake new items which are not available in your local market, it's not important but can affect your new business positively. You need to calculate your expenses even small ones. Survey your market to get rates of items. Stay cheaper than the local market and provide quality. Make use of social media to tell people about your bakery. It may take some time to get your first order.

Thanks for reading. I hope this helps. Feel free to suggest anything related to this article in the comment section.



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